Show your expertise to gain credibility?

Just because you're new it doesn't mean you can't be a life changer.


Expand beyond socials?

Reach an audience beyond social media.  An audience who wants and needs what you offer.  They're looking for you!


Skip the trolling and harsh judgments on socials?

You'll be in front of an audience who is in a positive space and yes, that matters!


Stand out online?

I know, there's a lot of others in your space.  Show off that special sauce!


Quit your 9-5 and have the coaching business of your dreams?

No one should slog through a soul sucking job just to pay their bills.


Connect with your dream clients - ones who are actively searching for what you offer?

Connection is key - no one is going to invest if they aren't feeling the vibe.


Spend more time doing what you love instead of chasing down clients?

You've got things to do! Spend your days doing what you're meant to do... even if it means taking a nap.

Bad ass lifestyle brands who are ready to take on the world.


You know you have a gift to share and you’re not going to let anything stop you from changing lives.


You’re open minded and willing to try something different to see incredible success.


You’re not blaming the algorithm or the moon phases or any outside force. you’re not even blaming yourself. instead you’re taking massive responsibility for your future. and it is so bright.


Let's go.

Pinterest is a search engine. Pinners come to the platform to get answers to their questions and to get their problems solved. As a coach, that’s what your content does. You’re reaching an audience that isn’t on social media or who haven’t been to connect with you there.


By adding blogging to the mix, you connect with your audience beyond 2,200 characters. Each pin and blog post is another entry point into your world. Blogs create connections, establish you as the go to expert in your space and lets people get to know you and your brand. Plus blogs can raise your Google ranking! Blogging can also help to really get your audience to know you, like you and trust you. People are not going to hand over money to someone they aren’t vibing with or to someone who they think can’t help them.

I’m Mindy and I am obsessed with your business already.  


It's my goal to help as many lifestyle brands as I can to ditch their 9-5 and fully and confidently step into their biz.  If you're ready for that, I'm your girl.


I help expand beyond socials, gain credibility in the coaching space and connect to dream clients with my In It To Pin It done-for-you service.  This service combines Pinterest Marketing and blogging to help you start reaching those dreamy clients in just 6 weeks.


Both Pinterest and blogging are strong on their own.  When you combine them together, you make magic!