Starting a Business Changed My Life

For years I wanted to own my own business.  When I was a kid I made a little service menu for my aunts where I charged a quarter to weed the garden.  I tried MLMs.  I started a cleaning business (once I found a potato in someone's bed.  It was a strange time).  I even had a moderately successful bath products business called Crane & Lily.  That was way before Pinterest existed and it was before social media is what it is today for businesses.


I never quite nailed something that was what I wanted to do, what I liked to do and something that people would actually pay me to do.  Side note - if someone wants to pay me to read it all day, I'll send my resume.


I have a degree in Human Resources management but I've never worked in that field.  I worked administrative support jobs pretty much my entire life.  When I got a job where I finally commandeered my own office with a door, I felt like I had made it.  Soon I outgrew that job and found one where I could work at home with my dogs.  This was before working from home was the norm and I was in complete heaven.  I'll never work in an office again -  I am far too feral at this point.


Still I craved more.  I wanted to be in control of my time and my location.  I wanted to be free.  Somehow an Instagram ad started popping up about being a Pinterest VA.  After scrolling past it a million times, that persistent little bugger caught my attention.


What the heck is a Pinterest VA?  I love Pinterest, I use it multiple times a day, every day.  I'm already a VA.  Maybe I should check this out.


I signed up for that course and then learned everything I could about Pinterest Marketing.  I continue to do that today - I am always learning.


Starting this little dream has completely changed my life.  Here's how:

It gave me a purpose


Up until this point, at least career-wise, I felt like I was kind of floating through life.  Don't mistake this for me saying I was unhappy.  More like I just felt unmoored.  I had goals but wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish them.  My career doesn't define me completely but it's a part of myself.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished and what I will accomplish.  I've grown this business from nothing.  I've taken courses, I've invested an eye watering amount of money to grow, I've learned, I've pivoted.


For a long time I was just bored.  I would sit and know I should be doing something to improve myself but wasn't quite sure what that was.  So I scrolled on my phone or wasted time.  Now I feel I have something to work towards and I find it fulfilling.  Every goal achieved, every milestone reached makes me want to keep growing.

It taught me to believe in myself


Look, my mom will love my no matter what.  My friends are my biggest cheerleaders.  But when you start a business, if you don't believe in yourself then you're going to sink.  You can not thrive as a business owner with your confidence in the toilet.  You've got to believe in both yourself and your work.  If you don't, why should anyone else?


I'm a big fan of the woo-woo.  I work on self development every single day.  I read books, I save posts on Pinterest, I take courses.  I have to have a healthy dose of self confidence or I won't survive this.  There's been days that I wanted to give up (many days).  There's been times when I'm ready to throw in the towel and work for someone else the rest of my life.  In the end though, I come back into myself and know I can do this.

It made me take big leaps


I really waffle between being really brave and being the biggest baby.  Once I drove across the country by myself to move to California with no place to live and no job.  I also scream when I see a snake.  When it comes to money I'm on the more conservative side when it's a big risk. 


For the record, those sparkly Betsey Johnson boots were not a big risk.


I invested in some things this year that made me feel equal parts upleveled and sick to my stomach.  I bet on them to help me in business and so far, I've won.  I never would have done this before but I knew I needed help and I took a leap.  Luckily I landed on something soft and not jagged rocks.

I finally feel like I've found what I want to be when I grow up


When I was a kid when I wasn't hustling my aunts for their spare change, I wanted to be either a vet or a writer.  For a minute my career goal was a secretary (so I guess I can check that one off my bingo card).  When I realized vets have to go through a lot of science and put animals to sleep, I backtracked on that.  I didn't give it much thought in high school (bad move) and once it was time to graduate and go to college I was at a loss.


Throwing a dart at a list and picking a major couldn't have been any worse than what I did.  I just picked something without any regard to how I'd like it.  When I started to college I decided I'd be a physical therapist.  To this day I have no idea what my reasoning for that was.  Science and I did not agree.  In all honestly, college and I didn't mesh well.  I was young and dumb and just wanted to have fun.  


After changing colleges, I once again used my tried and true method of picking a major (my sister did it) and ended up with a Human Resources management degree.  I can barely even tell you what people in HR do let alone do it.  


I've always been decent with computers so I found office jobs.  Then I just kind of stuck with that.  I knew I wanted more but wasn't sure what that was.  I went back to school not once but twice to start pre-requisites for nursing.  The final time my goal was to become a Nurse Practitioner (like my sister in law.  Seriously, I needed to get an original thought in my head).  There was a mix up with the application and I missed the deadline.  This would set me back another year at least so that was not my path.


I'm thankful for that Instagram ad because I found something I love doing.  I found my career.  I fulfilled my work destiny.  

It lets me be of service


Another thing I wanted from a career is to be of service.  Now, in some shape or form every single job you're doing something for someone.  But I wanted to really feel like I was helping.  


I chose coaching and course creators for a few reasons.


Any time I've sought out help whether it's through a person or a course, I've upleveled myself and my business.  I never would have gained much needed clarity without a push from someone.  I could have figured out Pinterest Marketing on my own but it would have taken a lot more time and a lot more trial and error.  I think coaches are invaluable.


There are a lot of coaches out there.  I found this out when I was searching for one.  How many have amazing gifts that aren't being used to their fullest?  How many need some help getting their message out to the world?  It makes me sad to think that someone's life won't be changed because they missed the opportunity to connect.

I feel so incredibly blessed that I finally figured things out.  I am thankful I stopped letting doubt be the reason I was stuck.  I know you have big goals and if starting a business is one of them, I hope it changes your life, too!


I'm Mindy - a Pinterest Marketing + Content Manager.


I love working with realtors, coaches and creative service providers.


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