3 Ways To Connect With Dream Clients

You started your coaching business or course because you want to help people change their life.  But in order to do that, you need to find those people! Even better, you can be found by those people.  Without an audience to serve, your work doesn't do much.  So let's dive right into three ways to connect with those dream clients!

Pinterest Marketing


Did you see that coming?  Look, I get funny looks all the time when I talk about Pinterest marketing.  I get a lot of, "You can use Pinterest for business?  I thought it was just for recipes".  


I think Pinterest is one of the most underutilized marketing platforms.  But when you think of it like this - a search engine where people are coming to discover, learn, get answers to their questions and get their problems solved, it actually makes a ton of sense.


Pinterest is amazing at connecting you with the right people.   When someone searches on Pinterest it's to find something they need or want.  They have the intent to find out more, dig deeper and discover.


Let's say you're a manifestation coach.  Patty Pinner is looking for some help on manifesting her dream job.  She goes to Pinterest, types that into a search bar and BAM there you are with your take on how she can do just that.  Patty clicks on the link and now she's thinking you really know your stuff! You can help her with this.  She starts exploring your site further and sees you offer 1:1 coaching.  Maybe that's not something Patty has considered before but she's really ready to change her life.  She sends an email, you hop on a call and the rest is history.



I always advocate that business owners own their own blog.  First and foremost because they own the content.  With social media, you don't own your content, you don't own your followers.  If that site goes down or gets banned or you get hacked, you lose.  


Blogs are also your own little space of the Internet.  When someone visits your site, you're not competing with someone else's content.  It's all you, baby! You can really let yourself shine.  Show your expertise, talk about your offers, share pictures of your dog.  You're not fighting an algorithm here.  You're not dancing on camera to get your views up (unless you want to).


Are you getting objections on your sales calls?  Find a way to counter them in a blog.

Spending way too much time answering the same question from prospective clients?  Answer it on your blog.

Want to sell out your courses before cart opens?  Hype them up in a blog post!

Have a truly fantastic and inspiring success story?  Feature it on the blog!

Want to rank higher in Google?  Work on your blog's SEO and that can help!

Email Newsletters


I'm not talking about sales emails.  I mean an actual old school newsletter that gives tips or value, updates readers on your life or business and is just an honest to goodness authentic conversation.  By all means add links but the main goal is to truly connect.


I admittedly subscribe to way too many emails.  I hit delete on a lot of sales emails but I really enjoy at the very least skimming an email from someone that is giving me some value, sharing some tips or even just updating me on what's going on in their lives.  No agenda.  Just talking to me.  If I am reading about them, I feel more of a connection and that may make me more apt to actually open the sales emails.  There's one person I've followed for years and at this point, she could be writing about calculus and I'm going to read what she says.  She's done an amazing job of making me feel a connection and I want to soak up her energy in any way, shape or form.


Email newsletters do such a great job of nurturing new and existing subscribers.  This is a warm audience.  At one point or another they were interested in what you were saying and wanted more.  Captalize on this! 


Plus once again, you own your subscriber list! It can follow you anywhere! 

Every single pin, post and email is another entry point into your world.  It's another step to building the know, like, trust factor.  It's strengthening your bond.  When someone is ready for what you offer, who will be at the top of their mind?  The person who they think can help them and the person who they feel connected to.  

Each of these is strong on their own but imagine combining them?  You've got some serious magic there.  Pinterest gets you in front of the right people and sends them on to your website.  Blogs and email newsletters strengthens connections, nurtures new and existing relationships and helps you stand out. 


I can help you with this so if you don't want to DIY, let's talk

I'm Mindy - a Pinterest Marketing + Content Manager.


I love working with realtors, coaches and creative service providers.


If you want to attract those dream clients organically, stand out and skip marketing overwhelm then you're in the right place!


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