How Pinterest Marketing Helps Coaches

Have you been led to believe service based businesses can't thrive on Pinterest?  Yeah, I've heard that load of baloney before, too.  When Pinterest first started, it was a haven for food and beauty bloggers.  It still is! Pinterest is in the kitchen with me every night for dinner and has accompanied me to every salon visit.  


The lie here is that it's only for that.  Or travel.  Or DIY.  Or dreaming about your dream bathroom.  It's wonderful for that but as a service based business, you can connect with your ideal client.  People who are actively searching for what you offer.  


Read that again.  People are searching for what you offer.  If you're a mindset coach, people are searching things like "how to change your life" "mindset shift" "mindset coaching".  If you're a health and nutrition coach they're looking for "healthy habits" "nutrition" "how to go vegetarian for beginners".  Coach on business?  Pinners want to know "how to start a business" "picking a niche" "6 figure blueprint".  


My point here is the searches are there.  Are you?


Add a blog into the mix and you've got a 1-2 punch.  Every single pin and every single blog post is an entry point to your world.  Your blog posts don't need to lay out the steps in novel form detail.  However, you can give them a taste of what working with you is like and how you can help them transform.  Obviously you're not able to do your entire coach and course in a blog post anyway!


Read on for how Pinterest marketing can help you grow your business!

It drives traffic to your website


Pinterest is so good at getting people to your website.  It shows the pinner you have the answer to their problem, it tells them if they click further they'll get exactly what they're looking for AND even includes a handy link.  They don't need to dig around to find where to go, you've laid it out for them.  


I don't need to tell you why increased traffic is a good thing but here's a few reasons:


  • Increased SEO ranking
  • More visibility and awareness of you and your brand
  • More eyes on your offerings

It grows your email list


Email lists give you a direct line to your clients.  You're not at the mercy of an algorithm.  People have opted in to hear from you.  This is an audience of people who are already, on some level, interested in what you offer.  They're interested enough and emails let you nurture that. 


The more you can nurture, the more connection you can make, the more likely they will get to know you, like you and trust you.  Once they know you, like you and trust you, they're going to be more inclined to invest with you.


Do you have a freebie?  You can drive traffic to it and get more emails on your list. Just like a blog, you own your email list.  No one is going to take it away from you because a third party goes down or gets banned.

It can help get you more leads


With Pinterest getting people to your website or growing your email list, your potential to land leads expands.  These are people who are genuinely interested in what you offer rather than someone just landing there randomly (or not at all).  Your pins grab their attention, your content seals the deal.  

It increases brand awareness


Are you standing out in a sea of competition on social media?  

Or are you missing out on an entirely new audience that isn't even on social media?

Pinterest is another way to get your name out in your space.  Your content is being searched, found and consumed.  If you're doing a good job and putting out value (and I know you are) then people are going to remember your name.  You're going to be associated with being a knowledgeable coach.  

Since you are able to create multiple pins for one piece of content, those pins can show up in the same search.  People get to discover you and keep seeing your pins.  Hello, top of mind.  

It exposes you to a new audience


I know it can seem impossible there are people not on social media but it's true! I know plenty of people who are on Facebook but not on Instagram.  Instagram but not TikTok.  TikTok but not Facebook.  You get the picture.  


They could also be on these platforms but haven't come across your profile yet.  I don't love the search feature on Instagram and I am TikTok illiterate.  However, Pinterest is excellent at serving up some relevant pins when I am searching for something.  

It establishes you as an authority


When your pins keep showing up in someone's searches, they're going to start associating you with that thing.  Once they're on your site and see you know what you're doing, it's going to solidify the connection.  Here's another place where I am going to advocate having a blog!


Having your very own slice of the Internet where you can speak about your expertise in over 2,200 characters is powerful.  Pinterest then does all the work for you and gets people there to learn from you.

It gives new life to your content


Pins are in it for the long haul.  People can find your content years down the road.  Yes, years.  You do not have to be at the mercy of a newsfeed where your content is flicked past and forgotten quickly.  As long as you are using relevant keywords that people are searching, your content is going to be found.

 It's my goal to help as many coaches and course creators as I can! Is this you?  Then let's talk!

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