How Combining Pinterest and Blogging Can Help New Coaches

You've made the leap into starting your new coaching business (let me say CONGRATS ON THAT - you should be proud!) and you're ready to start changing the world.  You're full of excitement and energy.  You set up your website, you have an amazing logo and you get that Instagram page ready to be followed.  You're making reels, you're posting consistently, the followers and clients should be rolling in but... they're not. 


So you double down, make more content, make more reels, sign up for social media courses and it's still slow growth.  It seems every other person on your feed is a coach and they're growing, so what gives?


Getting started in your coaching business can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill.  Bear in mind I've never actually pushed a boulder up a hill but I am going to bet it's not easy and nothing I want to try. 


Imposter syndrome is running rampant.    You want to stand out and show you  know what you're doing.  You want (and need) to create real connections with potential clients.  You have gifts and a message to share but is anyone listening?  


First of all, let me say it's not your fault! I won't pretend to understand social algorithms.  Your next big breakthrough could be one reel away, no one ever really knows.  But you are talented, you have gifts and you can change people's lives.  I believe in you! It might just be time to try something new.  


As a Pinterest Marketing and Content Manager, you know what something new is going to be.  Obviously if you're reading this, you're open to seeing things in a new light - meaning away from socials.  Now look, I talk about expanding beyond socials a lot.  I am not anti social media.  I actually love Instagram for business and have connected with some amazing humans there.  I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family.  I am not a huge TikTok person but I see the appeal.  However, socials are not the only way.  


Separately, Pinterest Marketing and blogging are strong on their own.  Combine them together and it's magical.  You reach a broader audience, you can share in-depth insights and establish your credibility.  Seeing someone during a Pinterest search might even spark someone's curiosity enough that they dive into your socials, too. 


So let's talk about this.


Pinterest and blogging is an amazing partnership


These two together are a dynamic duo. 


In the beginning, Pinterest was pretty much made for bloggers.  It makes so much sense.  Since Pinterest is a search engine, people were using it to drive traffic to their posts.  The same still applies now.  While it's very shopping friendly, you'll still find many of your search results are blogs. 


With blogs, you are staking your own corner of the Internet. Unlike socials, you own that content.  If a social platform is banned or goes down, where does your content go?  Unless you've downloaded it all, it's gone.  If you don't want to dance or lip synch, you're not feeling the pressure.  You can just be authentically you.


The intent of the Pinterest user and the blog reader are also different than on social media.  Pinners are there to learn, discover, be inspired and improve their lives.  The same goes for blog readers.  It's not so much a form of entertainment or mindless scrolling, they're looking to make some sort of change.  Sound familiar?  Yes, that's exactly what you as a coach do for people - change lives.


Pinterest puts you in front of the people who are actively searching for what you offer.  If you're a career coach and you're speaking about what to do in an interview to get that job, people can find you based on your keywords.  Your pins are the gateway.  They show your audience you can solve their problem, you know the answer and you know where they should go with a handy link attached! That handy link directs them right to your blog.


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People are searching for what you offer


"How to" searches are big on Pinterest! 


How to change your mindset

- How to nail an interview

- How to start a spiritual practice

- How to stop self doubt

- How to grow on social media

- How to grow your business


All real search terms.  People want to change their life for the better and you're there to show you know to help them.  The search is just the first step.  Give them what they're searching for and what they expect to find on the other side of the link.


Gain credibility even as a new coach


Building credibility in the coaching space is vicious cycle.  You want social proof to get new clients but you don't have new clients to get social proof.  Maybe you're throwing yourself into giving away free coaching to people who aren't taking you seriously because it's free.  Or you're wildly discounting your programs in the hopes you'll attract new people.


Listen, I am all for the idea of paying your dues.  But there is another way.  


All social proof does is give potential clients peace of mind that you're not some fly-by-night snake oil salesman.  Honestly, testimonials can be faked.  How many times have you researched someone, read their testimonials and then directly reached out to them to verify it?  


What's really powerful is walking your talk.  Show your potential clients you can get them from where they are to where they want to be.  With a well crafted blog post, you can do this! 


Blogs are a way to increase your credibility.  You're not just saying that you can do something, you're actually demonstrating it.  Don't think you have to give away all of your secrets and do an entire coaching session each post.  You can give value without giving away the whole enchilada.


You can also really capitalize on any testimonials you do have.  Take one and tell a story with it.  When your client came to you with a problem, how did you help her solve it?  This is even more powerful than a blurb written by them because you're showing the whole transformation.  Make them understand if it's possible for one person then it is possible for them! 


When you pin all of these posts, you start to pop up in front of your audience.  Showing up more and more gets you top of mind.  There are some people that always show up when I search certain things.  I consider them my go-to in that space because I've seen their content enough to associate them with what I want in that moment.  I haven't gone to their socials, I've gone to Pinterest and sometimes just directly to their website.


You can truly connect with your audience


Both Pinterest and blogging have incredible potential to increase your credibility and connect you to people who want what you offer.  


Pinterest connects you to people who are actively searching for what you offer.  Like the example above, let's say someone is a job seeker and searches for interview tips.  They're being served suggestions from Pinterest based on the keywords in the pin description.  There are a few scenarios that can happen here.


One - they see your pin which is exactly what they are looking for and click through.  They love what you have to say.  They see you offer 1:1 coaching and it makes them stop to think about how they've been looking for a job for six months.  Maybe a coach is just what they need.  So they reach out.  


Two - they see your pin but keep scrolling.  But then they see another one of your pins (same topic, different pin) and this one somehow resonates a little more.  They click through and realize you can help them.


Three - they see your pin and get distracted by something else.  They leave Pinterest but the next time they open their feed, Pinterest remembers they were diligently looking for interview tips and there's your pins again.  They click through and the rest is history.


Any of these three are a win for the both of you.  Your dream client finds someone who can help them and you find someone who is genuinely interested in what you offer.


Once you're in front of your dream client, blogs draw them deeper into your world.  This is where you are truly authentically you.  Unfilitered and real.  You're not making content to keep up with a social trend, you're speaking from the heart, on your own site.  You're not restrained by a character count. 


Be as bold, as direct, as weird as you want to be!


Give your content new life


If you have one killer blog post you can turn that into:

- multiple pins

- an Instagram post and reel

- a TikTok video speaking about it

- a podcast

- a Linked In article


This works the other way, too.  Content from other platforms can then be rewritten into a blog post. 


Don't overcomplicate things.  Yes, your work needs to be well written and provide value.  Yes, there is SEO to consider.  No, you don't need 17,000 word essays with stodgy, technical jargon (unless that's your style).  Share your message from your heart.  Your ideal clients will appreciate this more!


Another point to make here - since Pinterest is a search engine, you're not being served a chronological feed.  Content from weeks, day and even years can still be found.  It's not being shoved further and further down your feed as other people post.  What's old can become new again! As long as the information is still relevant, people will still consume it.


If you're ready to get your new coaching business off the ground but aren't in the DIY mood, I can help! 


I'm Mindy - a Pinterest Marketing + Content Manager.


Everyone deserves to realize their dream! I show you there’s another way beyond socials to do just that.  I want to help as many new coaches as I can to ditch their 9-5 and fully and confidently step into their coaching biz.


If you're ready to stand out, expand beyond socials and connect with dream clients, you're in the right place!



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