5 Types of Blog Posts a Coach Should Have

You know I'm firmly planted in Team Have a Blog For Your Business.  Blogs can do so much for your business including staking out your own corner of the Internet, connecting you with your dream clients and expanding your reach.  


You might be wondering about what you can post for the most benefit.  Here are 5 types of posts that will help your coaching business grow.

Success Stories


You probably already include testimonials on your page and that's great! People love to see the social proof that you can walk your talk.  Take that a step further and craft a story around that testimonial.  


Where did the client start and where did they end up?  What were they struggling with that you really helped them get through?  How did you make a positive impact in their life?  What really worked?  


Reading someone's praise about you is powerful but telling the entire story makes even more of an impact.  People can visualize themselves in the other person's shoes.  It gets them thinking that if it can happen for someone else then it can happen for them.  Inspire them to take action with you because you're showing them you can give them the change they crave.


These posts are also useful if you don't have a lot of testimonials yet.  You can maximize what you do have.


Behind the Scenes


BTS posts build trust and authenticity with your audience.  You're sharing a glimpse into your world where the cameras are off.  You're showing what you do that makes you successful, what you've struggled with, what makes you YOU.  


Trust and authenticity are key when you're asking someone to invest with you.  They want to be sure the vibe is there.  Help them see you're relatable and inspirational.


Examples are:


- Showing what a typical work day looks like for you

- Explaining your morning or nightly routine

- The thought process behind why you run your coaching business the way you do

- How you came up with your coaching program (and why it works so well)

- What a typical coaching session is like for you

- How you balance a busy life with your work




Don't feel like educational posts have to give away all your secrets.  These types of posts offer valuable little nuggets that give your audience a glimpse into what your style is like.  These nuggets should stand on their own but make people want to know even more.  


These should be tailored to your area of expertise and relevant to your niche. 

A career coach could post about nailing an interview.   A business coach could talk about what to look out for when running an online business.  A nutrition coach could show how to get enough protein into your diet on a daily basis.


Posts like these help your dream clients but there's still more to learn.


A job searcher can be prepared for an interview but what about crafting a resume that actually gets the interview?

Someone starting their first online business can be prepared for the pitfalls but we all know that's just one piece of the puzzle.

A stressed out, tired mama can get enough protein but what else does she need to know to be at her best health?




If you're getting a lot of the same questions over and over, make a post addressing and thoroughly anwering it.

These are fantastic content because it's actual market research.  This is is something you know your audience is wondering.


Let's say your clients often ask you if your program will work for them.  You can just answer yes or no but there's probably a lot of factors to consider.  Are they willing to put in the time?  Do they need anything special to complete it?  Do they need to show up live or is it pre-recorded?  In this case, paint them a picture of what is expected of them but also the amazing results that can happen.  You're being transparent and up front with them so there won't be any "but I didn't know!" messages down the road.


These don't have to be based around your program.  Like the examples above, maybe you get a lot of DMs asking how to prepare for an interview or what's the best tools to use for starting an online business.  Once again, this is real market research done for you.




Similar to the common questions, if you have a common objection, cut it off before it even becomes an issue.  


Things like pricing, time commitment, wondering if your coaching style will work for them.  Maybe you don't offer refunds or cancellations.  Explain why that is.  


If you don't offer refunds after a certain amount of days because someone could theoretically consume the content and then cancel, talk about it.  Explain all the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating your program or course.  Get people to understand all that work gets results if they stick with it.  


If your course is expensive really deep dive into how the material justifies the price tag.  People might not be far enough into your world to even be seeing the sales page.  This is another way to hype your program!


Don't have a guarantee?  Explain all the factors on their part that will need to happen to succeed - stuff you can't control.  With this you can really get them hyped about personal accountability and putting in the work because the payoff is gold.  




The reason I include this is that these posts, more than any other type, are going to show the real you.  The authentic to the core you that you aren't afraid to show the world.  


Your blog is your piece of the Internet and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a personal blog post.  One that isn't doing it for the algorithm or for a higher Google ranking.  You just have something on your heart or your mind and you want to share it with the world.  A message you think is important to spread.  Odds are someone else needs to hear it, too.


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